About Us

XLR8R Studios serves the legal community with software, 3D animation production, and digital issues consulting. The company was formed from combining a group of companies specializing in seperate fields into one. The company offers the Digital Demand™ and Digital Presenter™ programs. Both are revolutionizing how legal information, demands, research, and communications are created and shared. The creation of these initial program offerings to the legal industry were co-designed and produced by Tim Robinson and Thomas Lima.

Seeing the need for rapid development, assembly and presentation of case related information in a quickly accessible format the Digital Demand™ and The Digital Presenter™ were born.
XLR8R Studios is founded by:
Tim Robinson:
Tim is a 1987 graduate of Baylor Law School and began his practice at Fullbright & Jaworski, one of the largest law firms in the country. For the past sixteen years, he has specialized in the handling of significant injury cases. Over this time frame, Mr. Robinson has been directly involved in recovering more than sixty million ($60,000,000.00) dollars for his clients.
Thomas Lima: Thomas is a 20 year veteran of the computer software industry. He has worked in numerous fields of software development, design, programming and graphics. Starting out in the video game industry, founding Future Vision (later DigiFX), he designed "Command Adventures: Starship" which shipped over 250,000 copies which at that time was considered an extremely large release; through to working on the Luxor game franchise with Mumbojumbo. Released in April 2005 the first Luxor game surpassed over 40 million downloads by 2006.

   Thomas has also authored numerous custom courtroom programs for displaying and clarifying information to juries and judges, specializing in conversion of complex information to understandable straightforward displays.

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