Words of Praise for the Digital Demand™ Software Package


“If there ever was a product that will shape the way that the plaintiff’s bar approaches settlement it is in the new Digital Demand™ software

“One lawyer tried to compare it to creating a power point, but this program is much simpler and user friendly.”

“One of the most unique and game changing features of the Digital Demand™ is the detonator clock.”

“The major difference in this program is that the Digital Demand™ changes the settlement demand paradigm.”

“As trial lawyers with limited resources and time, the Digital Demand™ is an effective new sling that should be a required tool in our toolbox to take the fight to Goliath.”

-  Louisana Association for Justice Advocate Newsletter

I have been very impressed with the software and I can say without equivocation that my experience has been excellent.”

“I found it [Digital Demand™] not only to be effective and capable of producing a great end result, but also very easy to use.”

“I am no computer expert by any stretch of the imagination, but this software is designed for ease of use and it was relatively easy to learn.”

“I can recommend it without hesitation.”

 - Digital Demand™ Package User

“The product is very intuitive and can be easily mastered with only a very short training session.”

“The ease of use, professional look of the presentation, and speed with which demands could be put together were among the most common positive comments made.”

“The group agrees that there could be some significant cost/expense savings in terms of time and material due to the speed and ease of preparing demands and the fact that it significantly cuts back on the amount of paper and postage compared to the traditional paper packet demand.”

  - Digital Demand™ Package User

“Digital Demand is one of the most user friendly programs I have ever used.”

“Digital Demand has been an impressive tool in my negotiations and due to using it; I have secured very sizeable settlements for my clients.”

  - Digital Demand™ Package User

“I highly recommend this software and believe that it will be a great value for TTLA members.”

“The software is easy to use, and it allows the attorney to spoon-feed the adjuster or opposing counsel all of the information that is necessary to settle the case on favorable terms.”

“This was an exceptional result for this case ($200,000.00), and I attribute it in large part to the professional and powerful presentation made possible by the Digital Demand™ software.”

  - Digital Demand™ Package User

 “The bottom line is I like the product and would recommend it.”

  - Digital Demand™ Package User

 “[w]e have resolved several medical malpractice cases at mediation in excess of seven figures by using the software.”

“I do not hesitate in recommending Digital Demand™. It's a product whose time has come.”

  - Digital Demand™ Package User

“The Demand Package software is easy to use from the get go.  After 10 to 15 minutes of modest training, you are almost an expert user.”

“On top of being easy, it helps us make a 1000 times better presentation for our clients and the cost is minimal in relation to the product.”

 - Digital Demand™ Package User

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